Cook In Mexico

Cook, Eat, Play

Indulge yourself in San Miguel and discover the region’s passion for food and fun.

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Culinary Vacation Testimonials


Join us in San Miguel de Allende for a week of cooking delicious meals where the local men and women are masters of their art…food! They will captivate you with their traditional skills and story telling in the kitchen. Our teachers use time honored recipes that were handed down from generations. This is the way Mexican men and women have cooked for centuries. It’s nothing short of magical to see the kitchen come alive with fresh ingredients and unique personalities!


After sharing time in the kitchen with new friends and your new skills we get to eat. We will sit around the table on patios, in gardens and sometimes in the kitchen and share the fruits, or peppers of our labor. We will dine on homemade tortillas, poblano pepper soup, fresh mole with chicken, cactus salad and much more! And of course no meal is complete in San Miquel without hibiscus tea and a cold beer! We will also visit the areas food markets and dine at renowned restaurants each day.


After all the food and beer we are ready to play…the San Miguel Way. We will walk the cobblestone streets, climb the ruins of Cañada de la Virgin, shop at local markets, visit art galleries, dance to mariachi music, see historic sights, and stop for fresh tortillas, local made chocolates, and taste local ice cream made with fresh fruit. We will see who can make the best tortilla, cook on a comal and grind on a molcajete. And of course who can roast a pepper on an open fire!

Classes Taught By San Miguel Locals

If you’re looking for professional chefs, you won’t find them here. Our classes are taught by San Miguel Locals; they immerse you in the local culture where you will experience a true Mexican culinary “occasion” like no other.

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